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What do our Learners say?

WEA Learner Comments...



"WEA courses aren't about gaining certificates which have no currency, they are about learning for the pure pleasure of it - the way education is meant to be.

Nobody puts you down for the stuff you don't know, information is offered for you to absorb at your own pace; it's all very friendly and it's good fun too!"(How to Read Music Learner)


“I sent my very first e-card to my grand daughter for her Birthday, and before i couldn't even turn a computer on” (ICT Learner)


“I learned about broadband which was a foreign concept for me.” (ICT Learner)


“The course is brilliant, I have been going for 3 years now…I am a housewife with children so courses like this help you keep fit and also get out of the house and do something for yourself for a change.” (Health Education Learner)


“I feel I have my privacy back as i don't need an interpreter to see the doctor” (ESOL Learner)


“The tutor has a very enthusiastic personality which rubs off on you when you do the course and it made it an excellent learning experience.” (Science learner)


“I won a competition and had a poem published on the web, I was invited to a award ceremony in London as the competition was run by Mind. I think this course has supported me in my creative writing.” (English Literature learner)


"The WEA course has revitalised me into learning again, and i now want to do more courses"(Family History Learner)


“I attend 3 community gym classes at 3 different venues; this is the best thing that could have happened in our area.” (Health Education Learner)


The course has been one of the things that have persuaded me to have a career change from nursing to teaching. I realised that I really like working with children.” (Schools & Parenting Learner)


“I can help my niece with fractions and decimals which I could never do before"(Maths Learner)


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