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Tandrusti Health Education

'Tandrusti' Health Education Project  (Dudley)

Tandrusti Health Project in DudleyTandrusti meaning health and well-being in the main Asian languages is a leading-edge WEA West Midlands project that has used a community education

approach to explore and promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy living amongst Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Dudley

Tandrusti has run successfully for seven years following funding from the Big Lottery, Office of Public Health within Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (formerly NHS Dudley Primary Care Trust) and the Workers' Educational Association. During this time, the project staff team has established excellent working relationships with several partners and contributed to a range of health networks addressing local priorities within the Borough.

Tandrusti LearnersA further two year Service Level Agreement has recently been secured with Office of Public Health within Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council covering the period 2014-2016. This will mean that hundreds more people are set to benefit from our health education programmes within deprived Borough wards.



Tandrusti Research

Tandrusti learners exercising

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Connecting Communities Plus programme funded the WEA to carry out a 3 year Tandrusti action research project (2006-2009).  The research identified health barriers and needs among people from a wide range of BME communities and helped to further develop partnerships with public bodies (such as the Local Authority) to shape future service provision within health deprived wards in Dudley.

We have published a report of the findings of the initial research process. The reports provide rich insight into health patterns and Tandrusti Health Project in Dudleyhelp identify barriers and inequalities to healthy living including; poor access to culturally aware health information, family obligations, confusion over healthy diets and level of recommended exercise.

The challenge now is to tackle identified barriers by working with partners to engage people in appropriate health education programmes, and develop the role of community volunteers to encourage people to adopt more healthy lifestyles. Also, to secure funding to further develop the role of community health volunteers to encourage people to adopt sustainable healthy lifestyles outside of Tandrusti programmes and activities. To achieve this we need to be able to plan ahead over several years and secure staffing, management and finance for future work.

If you would like to speak to someone to find out more about Tandrusti Courses please contact:

Tandrusti Project Manager: Harjinder Doran:  or

Tandrusti Project Coordinator Joy Follis:

Telephone: 07875 297 062


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