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Catherine Whitefoot showing a card she made in Computers for All


 This is a 15 week course that allows you to learn the areas of computing that interest you without having to cover things you already know or have no wish to learn. The tutor will help you to devise an individual learning plan on one of a range of topics such as word processing, using the internet, email or Photoshop. You can progress with this as far as you want, and while you will be encouraged to then move on to another aspect of computing there’s no pressure if that isn’t what you want. It is suitable for those with no previous knowledge and also those who already know quite a bit but are keen to learn more. There are no tests or exams, just an opportunity to learn at a pace that suits you in a friendly, supportive environment. Please note this course is open to adults of 19+ only

 Starts: Monday 23rd February – 29th June (15 weeks)

Time: 1.00 – 4.00

Fee: £135 – FREE if you receive means tested benefits


Venue: Ketley Community Centre, Holyhead Road, Ketley, Telford TF1 5AN



Volunteers are vital to our work in many ways, from classroom support to national trustees. There are often opportunities to volunteer for the WEA in Shropshire

To find out more about volunteering for the WEA in general, follow this link

For information about volunteering in Shropshire please email


Do you struggle with your hearing? The WEA runs courses to help you with lip reading, to become aware of what help you can get and to cope with difficult listening situations, such as meetings, restaurants, groups conversations. For more information click on the link:


This will be updated later in the summer.  Click on 'Telford Learners' Art Gallery' in the box on your right.  

Who to contact:


Sheila Bregeon: Programme Area Manager for Shropshire 

WEA Telford
Ketley Community Centre
Holyhead Road
Tel / fax 01952 614451 (answerphone) or 07766 726000

You can enrol in several ways:

Telephone: 0300 303 0888 This is a low rate phone number wherever you’re calling from and will connect you to someone who will help you to enrol


OR you can ring our local office 01952 614451 and reserve a place

You can pay by card if you enrol by phone or online


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