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WEA helping to change the lives of young mums

Jenny Taylor  came to Lea Hall WEA Study Centre in September 2011. She enrolled to do a course in Child Development and English level 1. Her youngest son was in the crèche during the time she attended the courses. It was a challenge to the Tutors to keep her focused at first, but within a few weeks it was clear that she was taking the courses seriously.

From WEA Student to WEA Tutor- The inspirational journey of Jill Breeze

Jill BreezeI first met Jill in 1996 when she was in the R2L group I was teaching in in Wolverhampton. That group has always been close to my heart – they were noisy, lively stimulating, all got on well, you could see everyone growing in confidence skills and knowledge, there was lots of learning going on and lots of fun. And Jill was central to that group. I could see she was special and that R2L was having a big impact.

"I always knew I had a reading and writing problem but I kept it hidden"-WEA student shares how a Literacy course changed her life

Elaine-WEA LearnerElaine came to the group lacking confidence and having recently been relocated along with her daughter and grandchildren due to domestic violence. She also suffers with depression and Dyslexia. During the first term she changed completely gaining self-confidence, making real progress with her English skills and becoming an active member of the group.

WEA tutor inspires student to start her own business

"I started doing the pattern cutting and dress making course in January this year. When I started the course I had just split up with my partner and I didn't really know what I was going to do.

ESOL learners visit Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum to 'get to know the UK'

WEA ESOL learners visit art bham art galleryOnce again, a dozen adventurous members of the WEA's St James’ ‘Spoken English’ class in Birmingham set out on foot from Handsworth school to the local Metro station where we travelled by tram into Birmingham city centre.

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