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WEA Hereford Wedgwood Bowl

Hereford President Jean O’Donnell & I recently visited the Museum Resource and Learning Centre where we hold our Spring Workshops to track down our Bowl. Jean recalls;

Should adult education be prescribed for health?

A recent study has found that exercise can be as beneficial to health as taking pills and therefore should be prescribed by doctors. WEA research evidence shows that adult education positively impacts the health and wellbeing of nearly all students, so shouldn't adult education be prescribed for health and wellbeing in the same way?

Study Visit to the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster

One thing I have learnt from WEA meetings is that apart from the WEA link the volunteers all lead busy lives with other voluntary activities. If there is time to chat, then a valuable network of contacts can be made, often to mutual advantage.

Free education courses in the West Midlands for adults taking part in research

The WEA in West Midlands has been awarded £19,000 by The Rayne Foundation to develop and deliver a research project in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

A Fossilised Ground Plan- WEA Educational Fieldtrip to Ashby De La Zouch

ashby de la zouchAldridge Branch of the WEA invited me to accompany them on a tour of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. Our WEA tutor for the afternoon was the historian Dr.Trevor James.

Curious to hear about a town, which to me seemed a rather prosaic and unexciting place, I went along willingly. To my delight, the visit proved to be fascinating and amazing.

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