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Volunteers' Week 2014- WEA volunteer shares how he is making a difference!

Andrew volunteering at the reception desk at the WEA learners' Christmas party last December I was affiliated with other organisations before as I was volunteering at the Federation of Stadium Communities, where my manager was talking to somebody at the WEA at the time. Due to certain circumstances, my manager at FSC said that she had to let me go, which is when I was told that there was an opportunity for me to volunteer with the WEA.

WEA's Tandrusti Students feature in Dudley’s new health campaign

Tandrusti students on bikesTandrusti students Marcia Blake and John Meah are featured in a new health campaigned recently launched in Dudley Borough.

The ‘LET’S GET’ initiative has been designed to help residents make healthier choices with their food while highlighting the benefits of being physically active. The campaign centres on an interactive and easy to use website located at

WEA Lip-reading course helps student cope with hearing loss

I recently had the chance to talk with the Hearing Therapist at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. I have been losing my hearing for over 25 years and cannot now remember what advice I was given right at the beginning, so it was very useful to get some up-to-date information.

WEA's health education project awarded grant by Stoke-on-Trent CCG to support vulnerable people

WEA’s health education project (CHEST Project) has been awarded a grant from Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to deliver short health education and physical activity courses to patients about to be discharged from hospital and regular users of health services to support them with independent and healthy living within their own communities.

Britain and the Great War- Student shares experience of WEA course

"Although I have never previously attended a WEA course, I was always going to enrol for this one, having had a deep interest in the subject since my schooldays.

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