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Our Vision

The WEA is a voluntary organisation which is committed to providing adult education through an inclusive, local and engaging way. Come and see what the WEA is all about...we may just have a course around the corner from you!

Francis Maude, MP comments on WEA provision: ''What a great service you are providing to these adults'

Francis Maude MP

Brereton Million covers the residential part of the parish of Brereton and Ravenhill, bordering Rugeley. Brereton is one of the 150 areas in England that has been awarded £1 million, by Big Local, to make a lasting and positive difference to their local community.

International Women's Day 2015- Celebrating WEA's Inspiring Women

06/03/2015 13:00
06/03/2015 16:30

The WEA is the UK’s largest voluntary provider of adult education and has been positively changing the lives of people for over a century. Women and men from all walks of life attend WEA courses, however women make up the majority of the students who take part in adult education in the UK overall.To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2015, the Workers’ EducationalAssociation (WEA) in the West Midlands is celebrating the lives of our women students and their achievements on some of our courses.

Students learn about animals in war time

My group of learners (all of whom have learning difficulties and disabilities) are studying animals in wartime, not just in the world wars, but in wars which are happening today, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Watch our video about how singing improves students' wellbeing

The WEA was awarded £19,000 by The Rayne Foundation to develop and deliver a research project in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

The Singing for Wellbeing research project was set up to explore the impact of adult education singing classes on people’s health and wellbeing within the West Midlands.

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