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Adult and Community Learning

We have come to the end of our 2013/14 funding year of our Personal and Community Development Courses funded through Staffordshire County Council’s Adult and Community Learning programme. We have however, recently been successful in renewing the contract for a further year and it will now continue on into 2014/15.

The project has had many successful learner stories, in particular one of our leaners Jane Smith (below) has written about her experience of attending one of the project’s courses and the impact that it has made:


Jane Smith and her artwork.

My name is Jane Smith; I am 39 years old and married with 3 children. I am a full time carer at home for my middle child who has a severe learning disability and epilepsy. I‘d always been interested in art and originally joined the WEA at an art circle. It was nice to meet new people and share tips. Initially I attended for the social aspect of the circle but when the circle became an art class I started to appreciate the tutorial also. I was encouraged to use different art materials to produce pieces of art and this improved my technique.

 I’ve since become interested in looking at art and I’ve visited numerous local galleries and also visited some on holiday. My interest has also had an impact on my family, my husband is enjoying visits to the galleries and my youngest child is interested in all the art books I’ve collected.

My confidence in my own abilities continues to improve and I’ve recently been asked to submit some illustrations for a children’s book. I’m hoping to have a local exhibition in the future and continue to improve my skills, techniques and subject range by attending more art classes with the WEA."




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