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Accessing funding from trusts and foundations

Howard's training session in Birmingham was a very useful opportunity for some of us to work in groups looking at foundations and trusts that might be able to fund project work in the future. 

I found the exercises he asked us to work through very useful. This might also be useful for community groups you are working with who may be eligible for the smaller pots of funding.

What is network weaving?

Network weaving - as I interpret it - refers to being consciously aware of the networks surrounding us and taking steps to strengthen networks and create bridges between them. It is different from the idea of networking as an individualistic way of furthering your career, but good networkers may also be good network weavers.

Resources for involvement

The WEA Stoke office has produced a series of printable activity sheets encouraging people to get involved in their local communities and make a difference.

The aim is to help people to run campaigns and better understand their rights.

The series of sheets are on different topics, and can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Making your voice heard:

Rights in the NHS

Do you know what your rights are within the NHS?

The NHS constitution lays out many of the rights that its users have, and additionally there are a number of pledges from the NHS giving users rights in various areas.

A full list of rights is available on the NHS website or view our printable guide here.

Make things better: challenging supermarkets on what they sell

The WEA class that meets at Hanley library in Stoke-on-Trent has looked at two issues around healthy eating: artificial trans fats in foods (a major cause of coronary heart disease) and the high cost of healthy alternatives compared to the cheaper non-healthy options.

The group wrote to 16 major UK supermarket chains, who between them have nearly 17,000 stores across the country. The letter raised the group’s concerns and asked the supermarkets for their opinions on the subjects.

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